Sky Train Stage 1A GMP 3 Contact List

Amy FosterBusch 602-437-7787 Building Demolitation, Landsscape/Irrigation, Asphalt
Andy Shanahan 602-980-2241 Flooring, Elevators/Escalators
Ashleigh Feiring 602-402-6856 Street Sweeping, Airside Safety and Security, SWPP, Dust Control, Soft Dig, Triffic Control, Pavement Markings
Barry Rippa 602-437-7878 Survey
Chris Chaffee 480-682-8186
David Rienhardt 480-449-4700 Fire Sprinklers, HVAC, Plumbing
Eric Patrick 602-471-6187 Roofing, Roof Accessories, Waterproofing, Membrane Air Barriers, Metal Panels – Exterior, Glass, Stucco
Gong Liu 480-449-4705 Concrete-T3, Lightweight Insulating Concrete, Rough Carpentry, Sealants and Firestopping
Jeremiah Hoeflich 602-757-6971 Counting Devices, Fire Protection,Parking and Access Control
Joe Brunsman 602-980-7435
Joe Crank 602-614-5959 jo-nathan.crank@mk-jv.vom Site Demolition, Water & Sewer utilities
Joe Mata 602-283-8295 Termite Control, Storm Utilities
Kristin McClintic 480-449-4748
Lars Erickson 480-449-4721
Lewis McCarthy 720-425-5975 Building Demolitation, Precast Concrete, Masonry, Structural Steel, Fireproofing
Lucas Ford 602-369-4827 Metal panels -Interior, Building Insulation, Doors & hardware, Metal Framing and Drywall
Mason Williams 480-226-5615 Painting/Coating
Matt Helleen 602-437-7878 Micropiles/Caissons, Concrete -elevated Guideway
Matt McCarthy 602-751-7515
Mike Corso 602-725-0123 Electrical – Terminal 3 Station,Electrical – Site, Lighting
Natalie Mell 602-437-7722 Shoring, Shotcrete
Pam Culbertson 480-226-5616 Automated Enternal Defibrillators
Pat Marshall 602-400-0720
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